change (plural changes)

  1. the process of becoming different. (Countable)
  2. small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination. (Uncountable)
    Can I get change for this $100 bill please?
  3. a replacement, e.g. a change of clothes (Countable)
  4. (baseball) a change-up pitch
  5. money given back when a customer hands over more than the exact price of an item. For example, a customer who uses a 10-pound note to pay for a £9 item receives one pound in change.


7 letters in word "changed": A C D E G H N.

Anagrams of changed:

Words found within changed:

ace aced ach ache ached acne acned ad ae ag age aged agen ah ahed an ance and ane cad cade cadge cage caged can cane caned caneh cang ch cha chad chang change che da dace dae dag dah dan dance dang de dean den ea each ean ecad ech ed edh egad eh en end eng gad gade gae gaed gaen gan ganch gane gean ged gen gena ha had hade hae haed haen hag hagden han hance hand hang hanged he head hen hend na nach nache nae nag nah ne ned neg

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